Duet allowed our business to increase web site availability, eliminates single point of failures that could negatively impact revenue due to infrastructure malfunction or planned maintenance.

Lider Campos, Chief Information Officer
Houston, Texas

Cricket Debt Counseling

Duet has been a critical part of our organization's success for years and will continue to be for years to come. It has allowed us to rest assured that our data and phone systems are protected and available in the event of an unforeseen emergency. The peace of mind alone is worth the investment but knowing that our data and systems are secure is invaluable.

Lance B, C.O.O.
Portland, Oregon

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)

Having a redundant web server is not a luxury, it's a necessity in today's business climate. No company can afford to have their website down for even an hour. The peace of mind you have knowing that, in the event of a hardware failure, you will be back up and running almost immediately is priceless.

Sally Moran, Director of IT/Web
Society for MR Radiographers & Technologists (SMRT – a section of the ISMRM)
Concord, California

Lightfoot Guess Moore & Co

Duet converted our existing server structure into an integrated system that provides seamless continuity should we have an issue with a server. None of our employees are aware that an issue has taken place. We are very pleased with the design and implementation of the redundant systems that keep us up, running, and being productive.

Joe Moore
Dallas, Texas

Live Earth Products, Inc.

The dual server solution is a cost effective way for our company to keep a copy of our important information AND more importantly reduce possible downtime. I sleep better at night.

R. Taylor
Castle Dale, Utah

Smoke Inn, LLC.

About 5 years ago our E-Commerce site was hacked, I had no way of removing the malicious code that got into our server due to a vulnerability we weren’t aware of. It took our online business down for 2 days while we searched for a solution. Luckily I was referred to Duet and they were able to not only remove the malicious code, they were able to restore our site and bring us back to doing business! The Duet team set us up with a secure dedicated server that not only solved any vulnerability problems but also greatly improved the performance of our site!

Since then we have been using the Duet team as our server administrators. We also have them monitoring our system 24 hours a day and there have been times the site has gone down and I didn't even know, but I would get a call letting me know and he was on top of the situation! I cannot explain how much they have helped our company... and to top it off, they are the nicest, polite and prompt people I have worked with in the server side of our business!

Bryan Ives, Webmaster
Stuart, Florida

Stanford University

Before I met Eric and the Duet team, I was struggling with a way to be able to have identical servers in mirror mode. The issue was not having identical systems but how to have one failover when the primary one failed due to either power or some hardware failure. I was looking for the system to be able to failover automatically with the same IP address which would include no human intervention. Obviously the Duet software was the answer on all fronts. I might add that Stanford was the first place that the software was deployed which involved 2 different building. Through the years the software has improved and become more robust and flexible.

Jeff Wade, Systems and Security Manager
Palo Alto, California

Stevenson Dental Care

Our business simply must have a running server for us to do our business. We have had dual server redundancy for many years, have relied on this dual server model to keep us up, and would not consider anything less. Another benefit on this design has been data and operating system backup with the ability to recover from catastrophic operating system 'update', or inadvertent and malicious data corruption/loss. eWheeler, Inc. has great solutions for this as well as storage space management, and have always been very responsive to our emergencies and urgencies, recovering issues quickly and efficiently. I can easily give 5/5 stars review for the Duet support team.

Jack Clifton, DDS
Stevenson, Washington

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